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Since it was founded in 1978, Dressler Group (DG) has specialised in the grinding and finishing of plastics for all key industries, gaining comprehensive certification along the way. In addition, DG has always been active in research and development, at the company's own Innovation Lab and Technical Centre as well as in external cooperation with universities and customers. DG offers all types of grinding and complete warehouse, packaging and shipping logistics. Test grindings can be carried out from just a few grams to individually specified large quantities, with absolute reproducibility and just-in-time production. The Dressler Group vision is "Always the right powder for you". A dedicated contact person at Dressler Group Customer Service (DGCS) provides access to all DG services.

Godding + Dressler GmbH

(following the merger of Micro Powder System GmbH into Godding + Dressler)

The first Dressler Group plant was founded back in 1978 by Herbert Dressler and his then business partner Hans Godding. These days it is operated by the family's second generation, Axel and Jan Dressler. In 2020, the DG subsidiary Micro Powder System GmbH (MPS) was merged with G + D as part of a broader realignment. The new DG structure enables even faster and more efficient processes and allows services to be customized right down to the dot.

What has always held true:
The internationally active contract grinding company combines the capabilities of a quality leader in cold grinding with the flexibility of a specialist for individually tailored process solutions. Godding + Dressler's speciality is the fine grinding of high-quality powders from thermoplastics, thermosets, rubber, elastomers and chemical-technical products. Depending on the starting materials and the customer's powder specifications, the products are micronized at normal and low temperatures. In this way, we achieve grain size distributions as low as under 50 μm. The service portfolio includes various combinations of different additional and finishing steps such as pre-crushing, cutting, sieving and mixing, along with test grinding starting from very small quantities, consulting services and temporary product storage.


And if fine is still not fine enough?
G + D is known for redefining the limits of fine powder grinding. The company is capable of producing grain sizes of under two micrometres, as required in extremely demanding applications such as electrostatic thin-film coating, mechanical surface structuring, the addition of paints and varnishes, adhesive technology, composite development and cosmetics.

The result? Powders ready for processing. Fully packed in sacks, cartons, Big Bags and other containers.

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A sample of processes and services:

  • Bale crushing
  •  Compounding
  • Fine grinding
  • Low-dust grinding
  • Multi-step processes
  • Micronizing
  • Mixing and homogenizing
  • Sieving
  • Transferring

linus gmbh

Linus GmbH was founded in 1998 by Herbert Dressler. In 2003, it developed the cryo-spraying process, a refinement technology that has set standards in the industry ever since. The company caters specifically to customers in the pharmaceutical, food and healthcare industries - i.e. sectors that require absolute precision along with the highest standards of hygiene and purity. Linus is therefore FDA-certified in the relevant sectors and fulfils other standards, certifications and regulations such as HACCP, GMP, kosher and halal. Another notable fact is that Linus develops and builds most of its own systems.

A sample of processes and services:

  • Cryo-spray pulverising
  • Fine and ultra-fine grinding
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Mixing and sieving
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