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The three key ingredients to make customers happy?
Ask. Listen. Deliver. Then repeat the process.

We work for customers in key industries around the globe. The quality of our powders is crucial in determining the final quality of their products. Sometimes it's what makes them feasible in the first place. This leads to a great responsibility, and we keep it firmly in mind every day. To live up to this responsibility, we not only work for our customers, we work together with them right from the start. We analyse what they need (and might need in the future) and keep asking questions until none remain open. Then we deliver: "Always the right powder for you." Our brand values are service, flexibility, quality and innovation. In concrete terms, this means we always think and act in the interests of our customers and make complex matters as simple as possible - even when they arise at short notice. We are never satisfied with the standard solution. And when we take something on, we do it right. Our customers value our attentive and goal-oriented approach. They want more and more of it, as we are often reminded. Increasingly, they regard our more than 40 years of expertise as an independent asset. Many have requested our ongoing, comprehensive support, for example as consultants in the selection of raw materials and manufacturers.

The three key ingredients to make customers happy?

Ask. Listen. Deliver. Then repeat the process.

Dressler Group (DG) has four brand values: flexibility, quality, innovation – and service. The last point is so important, a Dressler subsidiary bears its name: Dressler Group Customer Service (DGCS). After all, the family business is renowned for its absolute customer focus. The latest survey shows how vital it is to customers, too, and how highly they value having Dressler at their side as a holistic system partner.

Service is not everything. But everything needs service. This is especially true for more complex tasks and dynamic customer industries. These are precisely the conditions under which Dressler Group thrives – they always have been. Shortly after its foundation in 1978, Godding + Dressler – the first company in today's group – made a name for itself with cold grinding, which enabled it to grind powders from raw materials that could not previously be pulverised. This perfectly sums up DG's concept of service: being able to offer customers solutions even before they have been developed. Tailor-made rather than off-the-peg, so to speak, although naturally the family business is also proficient in all standard processes.

"We have become a holistic system and process partner for our customers, who want us on board from the outset and in the long term," says Jan Dressler, Managing Partner. "This has now reached the point where we are asked to advise some customers on raw materials and manufacturers – and in the case of 3D printing even on powders and printers." But Dressler is not a raw material producer, and that is not about to change.

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What impressed us most about Dressler was the flexibility. When we have any concerns, we immediately receive proposals for solutions. And the technical support provided by the experts on site is extremely professional.

Given this holistic approach, it was absolutely essential to establish DGCS. It was the only way to be sure of realising Dressler Group's vision: "Always the right powder for you". DGCS provides access to research, development, production and all additional services from a single source, making it as simple and transparent as possible for customers to get exactly the services they need – plus any they might need in the future. A dedicated contact person is always on hand to help every customer, from the initial consultation to warehousing, packaging and shipping of the powder to the desired address.

In the latest customer satisfaction survey, Dressler Group earned excellent marks* with its attention to detail, personal commitment and friendly spirit, the desire to continually push boundaries, to not settle for current standards and to offer new services that make customers' jobs easier and their business more successful. The survey also provided valuable insights into areas that can still be optimised and needs to be addressed in the future.

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Some examples:

  • Many customers wanted even more production and storage space – a wish that was fulfilled almost immediately: from 2017 to 2019, Dressler's storage and logistics facilities roughly tripled in size. In addition, a new production facility was built with four new pin mills and a mixer. This increases flexibility and capacity when manufacturing, for example, ultra-fine powders for surface coatings and 3D printing.
  • Also in demand: news and data about current processes and innovations. These wishes will also be accommodated, for example through a brand new website, newsletters on special topics, regular trade fair appearances and internal interfaces to enable the rapid, paperless and secure exchange of data.
  • The Innovation Campus on the company's premises, due for completion in the course of 2020, will open up a new chapter in terms of information and innovation. The two in-house R&D facilities Innovation Lab and the Technical Centre will find a new home under its roof. In addition, the Innovation Campus will support young scientists and expand Dressler's cooperation with universities and companies.

How Dressler Group is making its customers even more successful and saving them time and money as an "extended workshop":

  • In the Technical Centre, functioning processes are developed for small volumes that can later be scaled up, even to an industrial scale, while maintaining precisely the same results. Approximately 80 percent of these test grindings – which achieve an extremely high material efficiency of around 99 percent – are taken forward into series production.
  • To ensure quality and adherence to specifications even as production is scaled up, two new quality managers have been hired to manage the increasing volume of documentation and three new employees are working at the test lab – which has been expanded with new analytical equipment.
  • Besides the usual industry certifications, DG holds AEO-S status (Authorized Economic Operator). Its primary benefit is allowing Dressler to carry out customs clearance for its customers on their premises – saving time, money and paperwork.
  • Customers can use plants created exclusively and individually for them – even on their own premises if desired – which maximises both planning security and flexibility.
  • DG innovations – such as Spherical Powder Technology (SPT) and the development of integrated processes – directly benefit customers. SPT is a process that allows powders to be made out of high-performance polymers that cannot otherwise be pulverized. This opens up completely new kinds of applications, using processes such as 3D printing/additive manufacturing, that were equally impossible before.
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Alongside the brand values of quality, flexibility and innovation, the service concept has helped to establish Dressler Group's reputation as the "Grinding Authority". "There's actually a phrase from one of our oldest customers that I like even better," says Jan Dressler: "'Working with friends' – for us as a family business, hearing that is like a warm hug." It's hard to overestimate such a veritably analogue experience, especially in the age of digitalisation.

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