We get the best out of your plastic powders

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You can't be a master of all trades, but we are genuine experts in our particular field. That's why we have been the go-to specialists for contract grinding, finishing and optimization of plastics since 1978. Benefits for our customers are always at the forefront of our minds. We research and develop processes not because they are feasible, but because they have concrete applications.

We think about the needs of tomorrow - and beyond. And we practically never start from scratch, as we can draw upon four decades of experience with over 2,600 processes, more than 150 expert employees and our complete documentation of all process steps. For our customers, this translates into efficient, flexible solutions - sometimes even solving problems that had not been identified when the order was placed.

Service Portfolio

A fine job: top quality from a single source

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We are a full-service provider. Besides the pure grinding and finishing of chemical-technical products, our services include…

Research & Development

Bringing together the best of two worlds.

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Delivering what's needed is good. Delivering what might be needed in the future is even better. That's why Research and Development has always been one of the central pillars of Dressler Group.


Our top product: The customer takes centre stage

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When unforeseen customer requirements call for swift action, we frequently make the impossible possible. Our outstanding capabilities lead to solutions that leave our customers not just satisfied, but often inspired.

Quality Awareness

Quality in every measure

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The term "quality" literally denotes a certain characteristic, without value judgement. In practice, however, it is automatically associated with positive and valuable properties. Since 1978, Dressler Group has been successfully contributing to German manufacturing's reputation for quality, …


You can wait for the future – or you can shape it.

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You can wait for the future – or you can shape it. Standing still means going backwards. That's why Dressler Group never rests on its laurels, but seeks to optimise - over and over again. Always with a focus on concrete customer benefits. Because it takes more than novelty to be truly innovative.

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