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When flying a plane, a compass is absolutely essential to navigate to the destination. The same principle applies to companies: here the mission statement functions as an (inner) compass. We asked ourselves what has made Dressler Group what it is today over the past four decades, with all its strengths and weaknesses, and whether that is enough to enable us to maintain and build upon our leading position in the future.

Our mission statement comprises our vision, mission and values - always on the proviso that these are put into practice. Every day we need to check where it is bringing real benefits and where we can make adjustments. We keep the following aspects in mind at all times:

  • Emphasising each individual's personal responsibility
  • Treating one another with respect
  • Striving to continuously improve ourselves
  • Consistently orienting our thoughts and actions to the interests of our customers



always the right powder for you

That means: Our customers get exactly the powder they need – something they can only get from us.


To design the right powder for you, we need to understand your process.

That means:

  • We always research, develop and manufacture the right powder for our customers by reaching a holistic and thorough understanding of their markets, goals, requirements, applications and processes.
  • Our customer relationships are based on close partnership and unconditional support. We think and act in our customers’ interest and go to great lengths to exceed their expectations.
  • To achieve this with the greatest possible efficiency and security, we become integrated into our customers’ processes from the outset.


  • We do what’s right – not what comes easy.
  • Everyone is fully committed to achieving our common goals.
  • We are open and honest about the needs of our customers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • Quality and resource-friendly production are the cornerstones of our sustainable corporate success.
  • Innovation is our passion.

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