Group & Vision

Our passion

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We devote the utmost attention to the smallest details. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to continually push the limits of what is feasible - sometimes breaking through previous boundaries entirely.

In everything we do, our customers take centre stage. Working in partnership, we develop exactly what they need, and what they might need tomorrow. We always think one step ahead - and often laterally, too. This is how we create "the future in real time" for our customers, often taking on the role of an extended research and development department. All this leads to raw materials that are refined and optimised down to the finest detail.


The grinding authority

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Since it was founded in 1978, Dressler Group (DG) has specialised in the grinding and finishing of plastics for all key industries, gaining comprehensive certification along the way. In addition, DG has always been active in research and development...

Ethics & Compliance

We never settle for standard.

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This claim is reflected in our certifications, which go far beyond industry standards. We promise the highest professional competence, exceptional performance, absolute confidentiality and continuous self-improvement - and it's a promise we keep...

Global presence

Dressler Group worldwide

Dressler Group has been firmly rooted in the Rhein-Sieg district near Bonn since 1978 and at its Meckenheim location since 1981. From here, it serves customers from all key industries...

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