Our most important product: always exactly what you need.

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Dressler takes a holistic approach to customer care and sales. The service concept and customer focus take top priority, which is why it was absolutely essential to establish Dressler Group Customer Service (DGCS). It was the only way to be sure of realising Dressler Group's vision: "Always the right powder for you". DGCS provides access to research, development, production and all additional services from a single source, making it as simple and transparent as possible for customers to get exactly the services they need – plus any they might need in the future. A dedicated contact person is always on hand to help every customer, from the initial consultation to warehousing, packaging and shipping of the powder to the desired address. A personal contact person is available to assist them on a permanent basis, from the first meeting to storage or packing and dispatch of the powder to a desired address.

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Customers of Dressler Group highly appreciate its personal commitment and friendly spirit, the desire to continually push boundaries, to not settle for current standards and to offer new services that make customers' jobs easier and their business more successful.

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