Dressler Group: Corona Update 14.05.2020

Innovation in a time of crisis

Ihr Austausch mit DG

The topic of Covid-19 still dominates our everyday lives, both private and professional, and this will surely remain the case for the foreseeable future. As previously stated, we continue to pursue all measures at our company to contain the pandemic and have thus been able to maintain our full production capacity so far. 

We at Dressler Group value planning, development and implementation over waiting for the future. That's why, even in particularly challenging times, we want to provide our customers with tailored, innovative solutions to make their business run as smoothly as possible, or even to help keep their operations going at all.

A recent industry survey of 560 companies in the plastics industry conducted by the trade magazine K-PROFI shows that almost two thirds of these companies are currently working on process optimisations and around one third on basic developments. Dressler Group has over 40 years of experience as a powder designer in both these areas.

The study also reveals the tremendous importance of communication between suppliers and customers. We also take this to heart by always planning and acting in close alliance with our customers – and not only in times of crisis.

We can support our customers in two key tasks in the present situation: on the one hand, using the available time for fundamental analysis and optimisation, and on the other, maintaining their level of production or restarting it as soon as possible.  How?

  • At our Technical Centre and Innovation Lab we provide capacities for research, development, sample grinding and small-scale production – from a few grams up to 1,000 kg. So we function as our customers external lab and workbench – for the greatest efficiency and flexibility with minimal risk.
  • Our production continues to run without limitations. We are therefore able to complete large-volume orders for our customers upon arrangement.
  • In addition, we offer very comprehensive warehousing and logistics services, from storage and finishing to direct shipment to our customers. We have high-capacity storage areas at our production site in Meckenheim, also available as GMP warehouses. Our subsidiary Godding + Dressler GmbH has AEO C + S status, which greatly simplifies customs formalities for our customers.

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