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Business grinding to a standstill in the pandemic?
Not for us – and not for our customers!

Subject to compliance with all official hygiene measures, our Technical Centre remains fully available to you, even in times of coronavirus. Consult with us online or at the Dressler Group premises, in the personal atmosphere you are accustomed to. Whether you want to grind trial batches or small quantities from a few grams up to 1,000 kg, our team of experts, comprising engineers, chemists and developers, will support you in your unique product development.
You will experience "the future in real time" and go home with an individually tailored, finished powder. We produce audit-proof documentation of all development steps as well as the final result. This reporting allows any powder to be reproduced with absolute accuracy, at any time and in any quantity.

An exceptional benefit at DG: we can develop your powders all the way to production readiness. You see, aside from being your powder supplier, we act as your external consultant, lab and workbench.

So make an appointment at our Technical Centre now – we look forward to hearing from you!

Questions and answers

We can’t help with waiting around. But we can help to prevent it. Read below how to avoid business grinding to a standstill and instead secure your future success.

Labor, Waage, Detailaufnahme, Pulver, Hand
Technikum, Mitarbeiter an Mühle

Even the best ideas are only as good as they prove themselves in practice. This is exactly what is possible at the Dressler Group Technical Centre: practical testing in every dimension. With maximum planning certainty, minimised risk and minimised costs – and without you having to invest in your own plants.
At our Technical Centre, which has proven its worth over many years, even the smallest quantities bring you great benefits. With an area of over 1,000 square metres, we offer the perfect facilities to verify how the raw materials will actually behave in the intended processes and finishing steps. In addition, we run scalable test series to generate reliable data for calculating costs.

The benefit to you: The highest degree of reliability and safety, with no burden placed on your own facilities or your own cost budget. Moreover, audit-proof documentation is created to guarantee reproducibility at any time.

Equipment at The Technical Centre:

  • Execution of multi-stage processes
  • Trials in micro quantities from a few grams up to one kilogram
  • Small-scale production between 5 and 1,000 kilograms
  • Over 95 percent material yield
  • Scaling up: over 85 percent of all test grindings go into series production – thanks to our seamless documentation that guarantees reproducibility at any time 
  • Various cryo-grinding plants, laboratory mills, universal mills
  • Vibrating, tumbling, air jet and long-stroke jigger screens
  • Single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders with water-cooled strand granulation
  • 40-litre conical screw mixers
  • Spraying systems to crystallise molten material and mixtures
  • Drum blenders

Want to pay us a visit? You bet! Having met and even surpassed the highest hygiene standards for more than four decades, we can also guarantee safe operation during the pandemic – including your visit! Thanks to our sophisticated hygiene concept (with professional protective masks, ventilation and aeration, restrictions on the number of people and duration spent in certain spaces), you'll be well protected. So you need not miss out on the personal consultation that our customers especially appreciate.

In short, our standard is "fully tailored". Tell us what you need, and you'll get more than you expect. That's a promise.
We are here to assist you with the utmost flexibility, whether you wish to make use of our services on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

The process in three steps:

  • Pilot trial: testing on the smallest scale 
  • Scale up trial: testing on the high-performance universal mill, with close support from our experts
  • Large-scale production: testing on the large plant for production on an industrial scale

Because we offer you things you won’t find anywhere else.
For example:

  • Innnovations in real time:
    Great leaps in development thanks to our professional team and advanced technical equipment – all in your presence
  • Seamless documentation:
    Trials and results are continuously monitored and documented. Audit-proof reporting guarantees reproducibility at any time.
  • Trials in micro quantities:
    A few grams is enough (production up to one kilogram)
  • Efficiency:
    Material yield of over 90 percent, multi-stage processes possible
  • Proof of concept:
    Over 80 percent  of all DG test grindings go into series production (scaling up)
  • Safety:
    We work with a tried and tested hygiene plan that complies with official requirements and still permits a relaxed atmosphere for development
  • Consultation:
    On the selection and combination of individual raw materials and additives
  • Sampling:
    In every development phase 
  • Focus on:
    Recyclability, efficiency, added value of the material (e.g. colour purity, grade purity) and trouble-free processing properties in downstream production

We pack and ship according to your individual wishes – either to you, or directly to your customers! What's more, we're quick: just two to three days after grinding, the goods are at their destination. By the way, thanks to our AEO C+S status, we can even take care of customs clearance for you at our premises.


Get in touch with our experts today to explore your options. Alternatively, we can we can reserve dates for you at our Technical Centre right away, so you can be quicker than the competition to secure your future success!

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