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Bringing together the best of two worlds.

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Delivering what's needed is good. Delivering what might be needed in the future is even better. That's why Research and Development has always been one of the central pillars of Dressler Group. Internally, we optimise existing processes and explore and test new ones in our Innovation Lab and Technical Centre. Externally, we collaborate with universities and have established a foundation to unite research and teaching, theory and practice. The result is optimal in theory - and in practice, too.
Innovation Lab - Hr. Schnock

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is Dressler Group’s workshop of the future. Here we develop entirely new processes when the desired results cannot be achieved with standard solutions. Our customers can practically watch over our shoulder and participate in the process to the extent they choose.
Technikum, Innovationen

Technical Centre

Even the best ideas are only as good as they prove themselves in practice. This is exactly what is possible at the Dressler Group Technical Centre: practical testing in every dimension. With maximum planning certainty, minimised risk and minimised costs for our customers – and without them having to invest in plants themselves.

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