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The term "quality" literally denotes a certain characteristic, without value judgement. In practice, however, it is automatically associated with positive and valuable properties. Since 1978, Dressler Group has been successfully contributing to German manufacturing's reputation for quality, helping to distinguish genuine quality from the run-of-the-mill, and demonstrating that quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive - always in close cooperation with its customers. Often the most familiar concepts that we often take for granted (such as quality) are the most complex to define with precision. Dressler Group is equally well versed in quality and precision - both have always been cornerstones of the family business, which has established itself in the industry as the market leader for quality nationwide.
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By quality we also mean making life as simple as possible for our customers. Regular, personal contact is therefore very important to us. We seem to be doing a good job, since many customers describe their partnership with us as "working with friends".

Jan Dressler, CEO

„Quality has many facets: various hard criteria, but soft ones too. Because not everything can be judged by standards and regulations," says Jan Dressler, Managing Partner of Dressler Group (DG) alongside his brother Axel. "One of the key points is that, at the beginning of each order, we work together with our customers to develop the respective specifications, i.e. the properties of the powders." This is the only way to ensure that the powders deliver what customers need. Ultimately, the raw material itself is not the only decisive factor for successful powder applications: the processing and finishing by Dressler are also crucial. An unsuitable powder would have fatal consequences for the resulting intermediate and end products – even if the manufacturing and finishing processes were completely flawless.

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Qualität, Mood
Qualität, Mood

By this point it is evident: the unique customer specifications are not settled over a coffee; they are elaborated in detail by specialists with many years of experience. Dr. Georg Krupp is one such expert. The chemist has worked for DG since 1999 and is Head of Quality Management at Linus. This subsidiary specialises in contract grinding under clean room conditions. Georg Krupp's approach and working methods are exemplary for the entire Dressler Group. "Our customers have very varied requirements and expectations. Although it might sound obvious, it is crucial that we start by listening very carefully and continue to ask questions until every possible ambiguity has been resolved. Only then do we analyse the requirements and begin calculating and testing," says Krupp. He adds one more point that Dressler's long-standing customers particularly appreciate: "We understand our customers through and through. This is the only way we can make their complex business as simple as possible and deliver precisely what they need." Sometimes it even goes beyond that: customers end up with solutions to requirements they had not even begun to identify when they first made the order – this is typical of the kind of value that Dressler adds.

Development work

Once the requirements have been defined, the classic development work begins. With its almost 40-year history, Dressler Group is able to draw upon an enormous and unique reservoir of experience. If this does not suffice, the team will keep on tweaking and testing until a solid solution is on the table. "Impossible" is not part of the Dressler vocabulary. Georg Krupp puts it in a nutshell: "Many roads lead to Rome. We always find our way in the end." Research and development have always played a central role at Dressler. The company's own facilities are testament to this, alongside numerous interdisciplinary partnerships with universities.

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If quality were a sport, it would be long-distance running. In our business, you will only succeed if you keep your customers satisfied in the long term.

Günther Krupp, Quality Assurance

At the Innovation Lab, chemists, engineers and technicians work on the systematic combination of process and product expertise amassed over 40 years, as well as the development of plants. All new and proven processes and equipment are meticulously documented. And the work at DG's Technical Centre proves that quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive. Here, the future product properties can be investigated by producing anything from a few grams up to around 500 kilograms, thus eliminating the risk of manufacturing large quantities of potentially unusable powder. A further added benefit is that customers have the chance to use the Technical Centre as an external workshop and research facility – without placing a strain on their own budget. DG experts are on hand to offer advice and assistance at every stage. The one-stop-shop principle guarantees customers maximum confidentiality, absolute reproducibility, audit-proof documentation and Dressler's unparalleled expertise, which prevents expensive missteps


Ensuring that customers always get (at least) what they need is one thing. Another important point is proving compliance with the relevant standards, regulations and certifications. After all, in an age of globalisation, compliance, increasing connectivity and digitalisation, both Dressler Group and its customers must ensure, for their other partners and the responsible authorities, that compliance remains unbroken throughout the supply chain at all times. This is another area where Dressler goes far beyond standard expectations. After all, Dressler has customers – at home and abroad – in all key industries, including sensitive sectors such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals and food. Here, extremely stringent demands are placed on quality, purity, safety, documentation and adherence to specifications. In addition, DG guarantees adherence to environmental protection and efficiency standards.

So the paperwork certainly stacks up. But Jan Dressler confirms that standards don’t just exist on paper at Dressler Group: "We live by all the certificates and accreditations we have, because they are part of the philosophy we already practise. For one thing, this means we are ready for an audit at any time."


There's another factor intrinsically linked to the promise of quality – especially for a family business like Dressler: commitment. "Our word counts," says Jan Dressler, "both internally and externally. No one likes nasty surprises and disappointments that could have been avoided. That's why we do everything we can to ensure that our employees, customers and all other stakeholders can rely on us." Commitment cannot be certified, but it can be experienced with Dressler. The phrase used internally at Dressler is "working with friends", and the lived experience of this principle is reflected in the many years of service of most of the company's 100 employees, along with the long-standing loyalty of Dressler customers.
Similarly, customer satisfaction goes way beyond what could be achieved by a workforce that simply carries out instructions. As discreet as Dressler is with customer developments, the company makes no secret of its approach to internal communication: "Talk to each other! About everything, every day, even after the problem is solved and the order fulfilled," says Jan Dressler.
To make communication in every direction as quick and seamless as possible, Dressler Group Customer Services (DGCS) was founded at the end of 2016. A dedicated contact person offers personal, ongoing support to each and every customer, connecting them with the entire range of products and services and the corresponding experts via the shortest possible route. This was the next logical step in making Dressler a one-stop-shop for quality.

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