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Whether you are looking for a service provider or a problem solver, we fully adapt to your needs when it comes to plastic grinding or refining. What's more, we deliver our services and product innovations with flexibility and consistently high quality.

So, what can we do for you?

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DG Knowledge
Here you will find the latest survey results and news about processes, materials and concepts - always focused on adding value for you.

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DG Dialogue
This is where we collect knowledge from our network - for our network. For example, on industry trends, requirements and processes.

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DG Service
We make sure working with us is effortless - for example with introductory campaigns, demonstrations of our workflows and training videos.

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Knowledge & Responsibility
How we multiply our expertise – and use it responsibly

With knowledge comes responsibility. Because the more you know, the greater potential you have to cause damage through mistakes – to your own business, and even far beyond. So quality is not just about achieving positive results, but also preventing negative outcomes. Read on to learn how we achieve both.

DG quality
Subjectively perceived, objectively confirmed

We can demonstrate our quality – with hard figures, detailed R&D results and positive customer feedback.

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Joining forces for basic research, innovation and sustainability

We maintain strategic partnerships with customers, suppliers and universities to help us find practical responses to future needs – from the circular economy to bioplastics to green hydrogen and nitrogen production.

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Projects & trends
We don’t aim to keep up with demands – we want to grow faster

The demands on our industry are becoming stricter all the time – in terms of sustainability, efficiency and ecological footprint.
We’ve therefore launched a number of projects that offer solutions. Read about some of them here.

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How we take on our social responsibility

Through the legally independent Herbert Dressler Foundation, we support young academics by offering scholarships and supervising academic work. The organisation provides funding for the DG Campus and its strategic partnerships, and supports local people and projects around Meckenheim.

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  • Sponsorship

    Since 2017, the Herbert Dressler Foundation has regularly sponsored academic projects and supported the Chair of Plastics Technology at universities in Bonn, Cologne and elsewhere.

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