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Whether you are looking for a service provider or a problem solver, we fully adapt to your needs when it comes to plastic grinding or refining. What's more, we deliver our services and product innovations with flexibility and consistently high quality.

So, what can we do for you?

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DG Knowledge
Here you will find the latest survey results and news about processes, materials and concepts - always focused on adding value for you.

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DG Dialogue
This is where we collect knowledge from our network - for our network. For example, on industry trends, requirements and processes.

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DG Service
We make sure working with us is effortless - for example with introductory campaigns, demonstrations of our workflows and training videos.

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About the Campus
Our online showcase for Knowledge, Service and Dialogue

Nothing beats meeting in person. In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest news from R&D, theory and practice via our Campus.

  • Knowledge

    Here you will find the latest survey results and news about processes, materials and concepts – always with a focus on adding value for you.

  • Dialogue

    Here we gather knowledge from our network – for our network. For example, on trends, requirements and processes.

  • Service

    We make sure that working with us is perfectly straighforward – for example with introductory campaigns, presentations of our workflows and training videos.

Manchmal beginnen wir für unsere Kunden mit einem weißen Blatt Papier – aber niemals mit leeren Händen..

Research and development (R&D), which takes place at our Innovation Lab and Technical Centre, has always been part of our DNA. That’s why we often act as an external R&D department for our customers. They regularly tell us that our expertise in grinding and optimising plastic powders not only creates added value for them, but also represents an asset in its own right for us.

With the Campus, we provide a comprehensive range of digital services and information. We also want to significantly expand our network of customers, partners and universities and foster the recruitment and promotion of young talent.

Our constant focus: How can we best support our customers and partners in strengthening their market position or tapping into new markets? What is the specific added value of our solutions in the 3D printing/AM, medical technology/dental/pharma and specialities sectors? We present the answers to these questions – updated on an ongoing basis – in the DG Service, DG Knowledge and DG Dialogue sections. And of course: while we’re big on transparency, our customers can always rely on our discretion.

Insights – Experten unter einem Dach

  • Research

    “The Campus is a digital platform for exchanging information with our customers and partners. We aim to use the findings to jointly develop innovative and sustainable processes and materials.”

    Dr Holger Leonards

  • Application Technology

    “The exciting thing about application technology is that every customer trial and every new product presents a different challenge – one that we’re eager to take on. As a result, no two working days are the same and there’s always potential to expand our expertise with new findings.”

    Anne Wassong

  • Customer Service

    “With our ability to innovate, you can expand your market position or open up entirely new markets – all with the utmost efficiency and minimised risk thanks to our technical centre.”

    Christian Manteuffel

  • Foundation

    “The Herbert Dressler Foundation provides targeted funding for Campus projects, such as university research projects, innovation journeys for ambitious customers and support for young academics.”

    Jan Dressler

Embark on your customer journey for greater sustainability and added value here.


Always the right powder for you!

Customer-centric model

Customer Care
Customer Solutions
New Markets
  • Listen
  • Care
  • Evolve

Click on the individual segments to learn what we mean by the Listen-Care-Evolve triad: We listen. We attend to your concerns. We iterate to help you take the next step.

  • No frills

    Price sensitive
    Value for money! Pure grinding
    according to specifications

  • Added value

    Material efficiency, stability, service life, surface, processes, recovery

  • Innovation, sustainability

    Avoids waste, no additives, low power consumption, conserves resources

  • Recyling

    Connected, transparent
    Proprietary DG system – licence, self-operate, value chain (volume business)

  • Smart

    Grinding in Dressler quality, highest
    purity level

  • Performance

    Powder design – new materials – new

  • Next generation

    New materials and CO2-neutral grinding processes. Digital version: electronic file and project tracking – book packages at a click

  • Individual advice

    Material screening, adapting individual powders for the circular economy, advancing in-house product developments

  • Development opportunites

  • Dressler Group’s scalable offer for greater flexibility and service on demand – tailored to your focus, e.g. on

    • the circular economy
    • alternative raw materials
    • future process technologies
    • sustainable plastics

We focus on you!
Smart, performance or next generation – the choice is yours.

As “The Grinding Authority”, we have earned a reputation among our customers for often delivering more than they expected. Here we explain how we do this – and how we can deploy innovative, customised powder solutions and processes to consume fewer resources, reduce waste and maximise efficiency and quality at your company.

As a family business with regional roots, we bear social responsibility as well as economic responsibility for our customers. To find out how we meet this responsibility in terms of sustainability, for example by conserving resources, efficiency and recycling, read on here.

Our markets

› Pharma/medical technology
› Technical grinding
› 3D printing/AM

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