Sperical Powder Technology (SPT)

Spherical Powder Technology - Keyvisual

Every day we are working to push back the limits of feasibility – for the benefit of our customers. Our patent-pending process Spherical Powder Technology (SPT) is our latest breakthrough. Three years into SPT’s development, we are now able to use the process to create powders out of high-performance polymers that cannot otherwise be pulverized. The powders in turn enable entirely new applications that were never possible before.

Our customers take centre stage
We take care to understand our customers‘ craft as well as our own. As an all-round, long-term partner, we are embedded in our customers‘ processes from the very beginning. So we know what they need today – and what they could need tomorrow. Our vision: “Always the right powder for you.”

Innovation is in our DNA
With around 2,600 comprehensively documented procedures for all types of grinding, we can also fulfil unusual requests. Where necessary, we develop new solutions at our R&D facilities, Innovation Lab and Technikum, which is how we created our revolutionary SPT process. Soon we will found the Innovation Campus at our corporate headquarters in Meckenheim. It will unite research, development, teaching and practice under one roof – while also providing a living space for talented young scientists.

Put us to the test
Check the suitability of your high-tech polymer for our SPT programme here.
The result will be worth your while – we guarantee it! We look forward to hearing from you.

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