The natural way to go green.


At Dressler, it’s in our DNA to strive for improvement in performance and efficiency. We view this as a problem for today, tomorrow and further into the future. It also applies to our products and services and the possibilities they bring. Boosting efficiency invariably means helping to protect the environment and conserve resources.

  • We reduce water and electricity requirements by continuously improving our facilities. Our fleet of industrial trucks runs on electricity. We meet part of our electricity requirement by generating our own green energy. We also operate our own mechanical sewage treatment plant.
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  • We minimise waste and dust generation from the earliest stage in our processes.
  • We optimise the degree of recycling and the utilisation of raw materials. Our material efficiency of over 97 percent (i.e. less than three percent waste) is extremely high.
  • We increase overall efficiency through innovative processes. For example, using integrated processes, we can grind, sieve and remove dust in a single operation, saving both time and energy. And thanks to multi-stage processes in the Technical Centre, we can make optimisations on a small scale that will shape the development of the end product right from the start.
  • What’s more, with specific grinding and finishing methods we ensure that powders require less cleaning during manufacturing or processing and present no issues in downstream production. This helps to reduce rejects, waste and the number of work steps required. These measures also have a positive effect on the overall energy and waste balance.

Alongside numerous other certifications and standards, Dressler Group companies comply with the ISO 50001 standard for systematic energy management.

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