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Dr Jürgen Flesch
Dr Jürgen Flesch joins Dressler Group leadership team as CEO 

The Managing Partners Axel and Jan Dressler are moving from operational to strategic management roles. Therefore, Dr Jürgen Flesch is being appointed as an additional CEO of Dressler Group. In line with our One Company strategy, all individual operating companies are trading under one umbrella company from summer 2024. This also marks the formal completion of Dressler Group’s reorganisation.

Sustainability is not a passing trend for Dressler Group; it has always been in the company’s DNA. With R&D as a fundamental pillar of the business and customers always taking centre stage, it is standard practice at DG to think in the long term and consider the entire value chain. Besides continuous improvements in efficiency, bioplastics, recycling and the circular economy are coming into sharper focus. This is not only demanded by the markets, but also increasingly by legislators. “We are delighted to have found, in Dr Jürgen Flesch, precisely the right expert at the right time to drive us forward in these challenging future endeavours,” says Jan Dressler.

Dr Flesch has gained decades of management experience in areas such as production, powder process engineering, recycling and the circular economy – precisely the areas in which DG leads the market and intends to continue expanding. He first studied chemistry at the University of Constance, then chemical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where he earned his doctorate.

He embarked on his professional career in the US as a process engineer at Degussa Corporation. Subsequent positions include Head of Production and Technology at an Evonik plant in Thailand, Head of Solids Process Engineering at Evonik in Hanau, and Project Director for the modernisation of the energy supply at the site in Marl, Germany. In 2020, he moved to the plastics granulate and recyclate specialist APK as CTO and COO, where he was responsible for functions including R&D.

“We are excited to start working with Dr Flesch. He combines a wealth of theoretical and practical expertise in all the areas where our customers value our services and those where we intend to expand further. Bioplastics and recycling, for instance,” say CEOs Jan and Axel Dressler.

“I am passionate about innovation and growth. At the same time, I keep a close focus on safety, efficiency and quality. So rest assured that I and my colleagues at DG will continue to develop innovative customer solutions and remain your reliable partner as ‘The Grinding Authority’, says Dr Flesch.

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