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Whether you are looking for a service provider or a problem solver, we fully adapt to your needs when it comes to plastic grinding or refining. What's more, we deliver our services and product innovations with flexibility and consistently high quality.

So, what can we do for you?

Featured content

DG Knowledge
Here you will find the latest survey results and news about processes, materials and concepts - always focused on adding value for you.

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DG Dialogue
This is where we collect knowledge from our network - for our network. For example, on industry trends, requirements and processes.

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DG Service
We make sure working with us is effortless - for example with introductory campaigns, demonstrations of our workflows and training videos.

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News & Media
Coming from Dressler Group, covering the industry

Our information service keeps you up to the minute: current offers and promotions from the Campus, press releases, key dates for the industry, specialist articles, best practice examples and much more.

DG today
What’s going down, what’s coming up

Here we give you brand new updates on our production, research and development, trade fairs and events.

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What we have to report – and where you can find us

Stay up to date with our latest press releases – and read about milestone events in our archive.

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Collected works

Our range of corporate literature and our LinkedIn posts.

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Industry dates
Where we’ll be

Our service for you: an overview of selected industry events – look out for opportunities to meet us in person!

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Case studies
Best practices according to Dressler Group

Our flagship projects – discreet yet fascinating.

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To the calendar

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