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Whether you are looking for a service provider or a problem solver, we fully adapt to your needs when it comes to plastic grinding or refining. What's more, we deliver our services and product innovations with flexibility and consistently high quality.

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DG Knowledge
Here you will find the latest survey results and news about processes, materials and concepts - always focused on adding value for you.

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DG Dialogue
This is where we collect knowledge from our network - for our network. For example, on industry trends, requirements and processes.

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DG Service
We make sure working with us is effortless - for example with introductory campaigns, demonstrations of our workflows and training videos.

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CPHI Milan

Größte Pharma-Fachmesse für alle Branchenteilnehmer
Wann und wo: 08.–10. Oktober 2024, Mailand, Italien

„Meet your DG-Experts“ zu unseren Themen wie:
Pulverfertigung unter GMP-Bedingungen für Pharma/Medizintechnikanwendungen.

Meet your Expert!

Christian Manteuffel
Marketing und Vertrieb

+49 2225 9204-22

Michael Rücken
Abteilung Vertrieb

+49 2225 9204-13

Alexander Leis
Abteilung Vertrieb

+49 2225 9204-32

Aktuelles von DG

  • Formnext 2023

    Neben klassischen Kunststoffen gewinnen biobasierte sowie aus Rezyklaten hergestellte Pulver zunehmend an Bedeutung. Als Full-Service-Dienstleister gehört bei uns daher auch die Rohwarenberatung zum Programm.

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  • Listen – Care – Evolve

    All over the world, market and regulatory requirements are growing ever more complex. So it’s all the more important that we make things as simple as possible for our customers. That’s why we’re celebrating our reorganisation with a requirements-based campaign.

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  • Dr Jürgen Flesch

    Dr Jürgen Flesch joins Dressler Group leadership team as CEO.

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  • Formnext 2022

    For Dressler Group (DG), sustainability is not a trend, it has always been part of our DNA. After all, we are dedicated to the optimal use of resources and raw materials in every process.

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