Dressler Group – how raw materials become plastics

It is widely acknowledged at Dressler Group and among its customers that raw materials are only as good as their grinding and finishing. To put it another way: the grinding and finishing processes are what give the raw materials their value. Only then are they ready for onward processing, where their individual properties and capabilities can unfold.

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Dressler specialises primarily in cold grinding, fine grinding, finishing for the pharmaceutical industry and additive manufacturing/3D printing technology. Our in-house research and development in the Technical Centre and the Innovation Lab, in close cooperation with our customers and universities, enables us to design plastic powders on the dot.

Depending on the raw material and process used, plastic powders can be produced with greater stability, better flow properties and material efficiency, and improved environmental sustainability. This translates into fewer work and cleaning steps, smooth downstream processing, fewer rejects, greater energy and material efficiency and lower costs.

For us, this is all part of the daily grind. That's why our customers regard us as The Grinding Authority.

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